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For municipalities & counties,
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network operators.


The support services of Broadband Academy are somewhat unique since they not only cover the different technological aspects of the expansion of NGA communication infrastructures but also all the fields that are relevant to the customer’s decision makers. Broadband Academy therefore oversees the entire decision-making cycle starting from initial knowledge development, the business analysis, up to conception and implementation in the following four areas:

  • Under „Information“, the focus is on imparting technological and market-related knowledge on broadband networks and broadband applications through customer-specific trainings and workshops.
  • Under „Markets“, investments and profitability calculations, feasibility studies, and comprehensive business plans are compiled in cooperation with the customer’s management team as a decision-making basis for the next phase.   
  • Under  „Projects“, Broadband Academy provides support and advice in development of infrastructure and regional development concepts as well as on the subsequent implementation in project management. 
  • Under „Innovation“, Broadband Academy cooperates with market partners to design and implement innovative application solutions for private and commercial customers. 

The individual fields are blended into each other within the framework of a project cycle and address the four main phases of successful implementation of a project: project initiation, project structuring, project implementation, and project stabilization.