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About the company

Broadband Academy GmbH was founded in 2010 with headquarters in Kornwestheim (Baden-Wuerttemberg) and a subsidiary in Bad Hersfeld (Hesse). It is a consulting company that specializes in assisting new and established market players in the telecommunications field to expand and implement broadband infrastructures and broadband applications.  Here, the focus is not just on the realization of high-speed networks (“next generation access – NGA”) but also on the integration of these infrastructures into comprehensive, holistic regional development concepts. Broadband Academy’s consulting services mainly focus on:


Here, special attention is paid to the interests of the strategic decision-making needs of the client. This thus distinguishes Broadband Academy from classical engineering firms, whose scope of services is usually limited to a purely technical and operational level. The support services of Broadband Academy are its unique selling point since they not only cover the individual technological aspects of expansion of NGA communication infrastructures but also all areas that are of interest to the relevant decision makers.

Broadband Academy specifically sees itself as a consultant for decision makers in issues concerning:

Telecommunications network operators,
energy supply companies, and
organizations in the public sector (municipalities, districts,
business development agencies).

In this context, it oversees the entire decision-making cycle from initial knowledge development, business analysis, up to conception and implementation in four key areas: “information”, “markets”, “projects”, and “innovation”.

In the sense of close interaction with science and research, there is also an active and intensive cooperation with internationally oriented universities and research institutes.