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Managing director

After studying communications technology in Stuttgart, Dr. Marc Ullrich began his professional career with Alcatel-Lucent, an international telecommunications service provider. He was tasked with overseeing transmission technology sales to the German landline operator, Arcor. He later went on to become the Global Account Manager for the international distribution of broadband technology to the Vodafone Group after completing his MBA and subsequently headed the business development department of Professional Service Unit in Germany. Most recently, he was a sales manager of FAST Opticom AG, an infrastructure service provider.

Mr. Ullrich is a shareholder and Managing Director of Broadband Academy GmbH and received his doctorate at the University of Surrey (England) with a focus on new business models on the broadband market.


Managing director

Oliver Laible has been in the telecommunications industry for more than 20 years and started his professional career after his studies in electrical engineering in Ulm. Mr. Laible held various national and international management positions at Alcatel-Lucent, an internationally active telecommunications service provider. His main fields included mobile communications, transmission technology, and applications and was most recently a sales manager for German service providers and network operators.

As the Managing Director of Broadband Academy GmbH, Mr. Laible brings his extensive experience, particularly from previous fiber optic projects (FFTX) into complex consulting projects.


Managing director

Tobias Tippelt studied electrical engineering with specialization in telecommunications in Stuttgart, where he thereafter began his professional career in sales at the automotive division of Robert Bosch GmbH. After several years of sales experience, he took over responsibility for international acquisition projects for the “Passive Safety” product group for Volkswagen. After completing his MBA studies with a focus on strategy and innovation management, he became the customer project manager in packaging technology still at Robert Bosch GmbH, where he developed project management structures in the newly established product area.

Mr. Tippelt is a managing partner at Broadband Academy GmbH and thus brings extensive experience in project management to the consulting projects of Broadband Academy. He is also responsible for setting up the new “Innovation” area of applications and services based on high-speed networks.


Elmar Schaff was a partner of ITCcon GmbH, a consultation company based in Potsdam, and has been a partner of Broadband Academy GmbH since June 1st, 2014.

After studying telecommunications at the University of Zittau and electrical engineering at the Dresden University of Technology, Mr. Schaff began his professional career in project management for the planning and operation of national telecommunication networks, where he later became head of the department. After holding several positions in network development and network operation of national telecommunications networks as well as management functions in the MAN Group, he became the CTO of BINCom GmbH (Munich) before moving to ADC Services (Berlin) to head the business department.

Mr. Schaff is a proven expert in management as well as in the planning, construction, and operation of mobile networks and landline-based broadband networks. In addition to the necessary strategy development, design, and product planning of electronic telecommunications components, this also entails service and business planning of the telecommunications networks.

(Cooperation Partner)

Dr. Matthias Freund is a partner of Broadband Academy, has been admitted to the bar since 2002, and has worked as a shareholder at Muth & Partner mbB, a renowned law firm, auditing firm, and tax consultant in Fulda. As a specialist lawyer for administrative law as well as for construction and architect law, he also offers legal advice to municipalities and public companies.

Before becoming a lawyer, he pursued a doctorate at the University of Münster in the topic of “Guaranteeing Infrastructure in Telecommunications” while at the same time working as a research associate in the legal department of Deutsche Telekom AG. He is also a professor of telecommunications and law-related issues at the University of Dusseldorf.

(Cooperation partner)
Tax consultant

Dipl.-Bw. Christoph Gerk is a cooperation partner of Broadband Academy, was appointed tax consultant in 2004, and, as a shareholder, served as a tax consultant and business consultant at Muth & Partner mbB, a renowned law firm, auditor, and tax accounting practice in Fulda.

As a tax advisor, he not only advises private companies but also municipalities and public companies. He is also a lecturer on tax issues at Fulda University.


(Cooperation partner)
Tax consultant / Auditor

Dipl.-Kfm. Kurt Abert is a cooperation partner of Broadband Academy and a shareholder of Muth & Partner mbB, a renowned law firm, auditing firm, and tax consulting practice in Fulda, where he works as a tax consultant and business auditor. He was appointed tax consultant in 1991 and later became an auditor in 1993.

In addition to private companies, he also advises municipalities and public companies on infrastructure expansion.

Project Assistant
After her training for office clerk, Mrs. Kasmina worked as a project assistant in different companies in Gunzenhausen and Stuttgart. 
She has worked as an project assistant at Broadband Academy since 2016


Assistant and Accountant

After her academic training, Mrs. Walter worked as a commercial clerk in different companies in Lauterbach and Bad Hersfeld. She has worked as an assistant and accountant at Broadband Academy since 2012