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Landscape NGA Project

A wide range of measures and involvement of different regional companies made it possible to launch a project to ensure large-scale basic supply of broadband access in a large rural region in Germany. In the next step, the aim was to lay down an infrastructure or operating company to build a high-speed network for a total of five cooperating counties through a specially initiated cluster. This project entails analyzing and choosing appropriate network concepts and business models in order to open the way for the next step, i.e. the implementation. The business model to be defined within the framework of this analysis should be based on the creation of infrastructures following an open access approach, which will allow for later integration of all regional and supra-regional telecommunication providers.

Since the development of the aforementioned aspects requires a high degree of specific telecommunications expertise, the technical coordination and supervision by an external consultant is crucial. This, and the need for network design, planning, business and legal skills, is the background against which Broadband Academy was able to take over this challenging project.

Broadband Academy then laid the foundations for the subsequent project implementation based on a comprehensive feasibility study. In addition to the announced business model, the corresponding financing models and legal aspects were also worked out. On the basis of this implementation model, Broadband Academy then oversaw the actual project implementation, in particular the financing discussions, the necessary tendering procedures incl. all the necessary aid and licensing aspects, the establishing of an infrastructure company, and the establishment of the necessary organizational structure.

The implementation of this project will ensure broadband coverage at the NGA level for a total of about 380,000 households. Thus, Broadband Academy was able to actively contribute to the development of future-oriented communications infrastructure for a large region in Germany.