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Positioning paper – VDSL Vectoring

In 2012, the Federal Network Agency began to regulate the guaranteed access of all telecom operators in the so-called last mile. A draft decision established that Deutsche Telekom will still have to grant its competitors access to the subscriber line (TAL). However, they may decline under certain conditions to allow the company or a competitor there to use the so-called new Vectoring technology.

This is also known as VDSL Vectoring, a VDSL technique that allows for higher transmission rates in copper cables than through VDSL. Theoretically, up to 100 Mbit/s download speed and 40 Mbit/s upload speed can be attained. One disadvantage of Vectoring is that every cable splitter can only be used by one provider. With the draft decision in 2012, the network agency was responding to Telekom’s request to deny competitors’ last mile access in order to use the Vectoring technique itself.

Broadband Academy was requested by a state ministry to draft a comprehensive report that presents and discusses both the technological and regulatory implications of the aforementioned draft decision. This report was used by the ministry as an information basis on the individual facts and commented on the draft decision of the Federal Network Agency correspondingly.