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In order to save costs in expansion of NGA communication infrastructures, many municipalities are required to lay the necessary conduits while at the same time expanding other infrastructures. One crucial first step in this case is to sensitize the municipalities on the fact that synergies can only be used to a limited extent without their active involvement. Besides the municipalities’ own initiatives, cooperation with supply and disposal companies should also be intensified on the ground since the developer must be involved with the  planning of the NGA development directly to achieve the aspired cost savings because a subsequent development discards corresponding synergies.

So, what exactly can a municipality or city do when road restoration or construction of new buildings or roads is planned? What are the right systems when it comes to laying of conduits? When and where is this advisable?

Broadband Academy has therefore developed a special training that aims to answer these questions at an early stage and hence help resolve this hardship, which very easily overburdens players who have never before dealt with broadband expansion. The training on “Helping lay conduits for municipalities” addresses the special knowhow needed by those responsible in municipal administrations who are tasked with coordinating the laying of the conduits. In addition to purely technical information in relation to conduit systems, the training also covers aspects of network infrastructure and network operation.

Broadband Academy has so far managed to assist a large number of municipal employees carry out their tasks successfully within the framework of the required coordination of laying conduits, thus contributing to increased cost savings through synergies.