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Elmar Schaff


Elmar Schaff was a partner of ITCcon GmbH, a consultation company based in Potsdam, and has been a partner of Broadband Academy GmbH since June 1st, 2014.

After studying telecommunications at the University of Zittau and electrical engineering at the Dresden University of Technology, Mr. Schaff began his professional career in project management for the planning and operation of national telecommunication networks, where he later became head of the department. After holding several positions in network development and network operation of national telecommunications networks as well as management functions in the MAN Group, he became the CTO of BINCom GmbH (Munich) before moving to ADC Services (Berlin) to head the business department.

Mr. Schaff is a proven expert in management as well as in the planning, construction, and operation of mobile networks and landline-based broadband networks. In addition to the necessary strategy development, design, and product planning of electronic telecommunications components, this also entails service and business planning of the telecommunications networks.