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Rhein-Kreis Neuss and Broadband Academy GmbH from Kornwestheim have now set the course for broadband expansion. The goal is to provide fast Internet speeds that are desired by many citizens on large scale. A “kick-off” event at the Grevenbroich Ständehaus saw to it that the most important content- and time-related steps were substantiated. “In view of the digital transformation, we have to be at the forefront. In the modern world, a fast Internet connection is a clear competitive advantage for our region and its companies,” explains the district commissioner, Dirk Brügge.

The so-called market survey was commenced on March 31st. This focuses on collecting information on the activities of infrastructure operators, such as Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Glasfaser, Unitymedia, or NetCologne, as well as data on existing broadband connections. The goal of the project is to identify residential and commercial areas in Rhein-Kreis Neuss that have a poor broadband coverage and that are eligible for a publicly funded broadband expansion. Expert and economically feasible proposals should then be made for these areas regarding the planning of the broadband expansion.

“The project should have been completed by July 31st,” reports Brügge. He and the Managing Director of Broadband Academy, Oliver Laible, together with Marcus Temburg, Head of the Development and Landscape Planning Office, and his staff, Thomas Lörner, were confident that they would collect the most important findings and planning steps during this phase.

In January, Brügge returned from Berlin with a funding assurance – a grant of 50,000 euros from Federal Minister Alexander Dobrindt. This money will enable Rhein-Kreis Neuss to pay for consulting services for fast Internet and come up with application documents requesting aid from the Federal Government for its projects. In a second step, the Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure plans to assist municipalities and counties with up to 15 million euros each for broadband expansion.

Rhein-Kreis Neuss is looking to have implemented a large-scale fiber optic Internet connection with a transmission rate of 100 Mbit/s in every household and every business in the medium term. Currently, the broadband coverage situation is different in cities and municipalities in Rhein, Erft, and Gillbach. The relatively larger local centers have a relatively fast Internet connection. However, it becomes a bit problematic in the villages and peripheral areas. The same also applies to many commercial areas since the number of customers per unit area is less than in residential areas, which in turn makes the commercial areas less attractive for network expansion.


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